DENTAL CAMP AT ZAMUNG KOOR, PESHAWAR (15th of November, 2023.)

A dental camp organized by Department of Family Medicine, Institute of Public Health & Social Sciences (IPH&SS), KMU in collaboration with Colgate Pakistan. The head of department Dr. Abdul Jalil khan supervised the Camp. The Organizers of the camp were Dr. Samrina Khan and Dr. Mahnoor Ahmad from KMU. The team included 18 Dentists. Focal person from Zamung koor was Ms. Aroosa.

Special proforma was designed for screening purpose for the children and all necessary equipment required for the examination was arranged.

The dental camp took place on 15th of November, 2023. The KMU team left at 9:15 am from main campus, Khyber Medical University. Colgate team was informed about the plan. Around 10:15am doctors and Colgate team arrived at the main campus of Zamung Koor.  A round of introduction between the KMU team and Zamung Kor team followed by Ms Aroosa briefly Introducing Zamung Koor institute.

Camp started around 10:45am, eight stations were made for screening and examination for children of class K-G to class 10. Cartoons for educational purpose were displayed and technique of proper brushing and education regarding oral hygiene was delivered to all children class wise. Small procedure like extraction of Broken dental root (BDR) was performed where needed. Colgate kits were distributed among all the children after their screening. Our doctor team addressed any medical concerns and complaints of children. Camp ended with a group picture around 2:40 pm.

Screening of more than 400 children was done. 80 kits for staff were donated to Zamoug Koor focal person by Colgate Pakistan.

The dental camp ended with the Director of Zamung Koor and the focal person, Ms Aroosa thanking and appreciating the efforts of the HOD Family Medicine,   Dr. Abdul Jalil Khan, the Director of IPH&SS, Dr. Khalid Rehman, organizers and the dental team.