Dr. Hamid Hussain

Research Papers Published in International Journals

1. Hussain H, Prevalence of and Risk Factors associated with Mtb infection in Prisoners of N.W.F.P. Pakistan. (1st author). International journal of Epidemiology 2003 Oct; 32(5): 794-9.

2. Hussain H, Prevalence of extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBL) in clinical isolates from a teaching hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan(4th author), African Journal of Microbiology Research; 5(19): 2880 - 4

3. Hussain H, Situational Analysis Of Drug Users In Afghan Refugees Camps Of N.W.F.P. Pakistan. (1st author),www.unodc.org/.../afghanistan//.../Situational_Analysis_Drug_Users_in_Af...

4. Hussain H, Incidence of substance abuse among inmates at Peshawar Prison, Pakistan. (2nd author). Health Med 2009; 3 (4): 374 - 8

5. Hussain H, Incidence of Depression among Incarcerated Woman in Central Prison, Peshawar, Pakistan. (2nd author). Eur J Gen Med 2012;9(1):33-38


Research Papers Published in National Journals

1. Hussain H, Prevalence of Hepatitis C in Beta Thalacemia Major. (1st author). Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences July – December 2008; 6: 87-90

2. Hussain H, The role of effective communication between couples about contraceptive use (1st author). J. Med. Sci. (Peshawar, Print) January 2012; 20 (1): 19-21

3. Hussain H, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) use among patients admitted in tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar determining its prevalence and risk factors. (1st author). JSM 2013; 3 (1):268-271

4. Hussain H, The Frequency of Occupational Injuries and Injury related Life style indicators in Industrial Workers of Peshawar. (2nd author). J. Med. Sci. (Peshawar Print) Jan 2009; 17 (1); 35 – 9.

5. Hussain H, Hypertension and its determinants in teaching staff of Peshawar university. (2nd author), JSM 2013; 3 (1):258-262.

6. Hussain H, Attitudes of medical students towards their career — perspective from Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa. (2nd author). J Pak Med Assoc August 2013; 63 (8); 1017 - 20

7. Hussain H, Relationship between silica dust exposure & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in workers of dust generating industries of Dist. Peshawar. (3rd author). Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences Jan – June 2009; 7:46 - 50

8. Hussain H, Involvement and barriers to research amongst students of Khyber Medical College. (3rd author). J Postgrad Med Inst. 2013; 27(3):297-302.

9. Hussain H, Effect of socioeconomic factors on risk of stroke. (3rd author), Pak Heart J (July-September 2012;45: 180-4.

10. Hussain H, Clozapine and Blood Dyscrasia- A Review. (3rd author), J. Med. Sci. (Peshawar, Print) October 2010; 18(4):164-6.

11. Hussain H, Prevalence of obesity in Men & its relationship with Diet and Physical activity. (4th author), Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences Jan – June 2009; 7:35 – 8.

12. Hussain H, Relationship of Body Mass Index and Hyperlipidemia in different age groups of Male and Female population of Peshawar. (4th author), JAMC Apr – jun, 2009; 21(2): 141 – 4.

13. Hussain H, Case Based Series, of Percutaneus Ante grade Stenting for Lower Ureteric Obstruction secondary to Pelvic Malignancy. (4th author), Journal of Medical Sciences Jan 2007; 15(1): 59 – 60.

14. Hussain H, Metabolic Syndrome and its relationship with associated risk factors. (6 th author), J. Med. Sci. (Peshawar, Print) October 2010; 18(4): 186-90.

15. Hussain H, Base Line Survey of Primary Health Care Programme In the Districts of  Kohistan and Shangla. Khyber Pakhthoon Khwa Province (KPK), Pakistan. (1st author), Pakistan Red Crescent Society, German Red Cross and Health Deptt. Khyber Pakhthoon Khwa Province, 2009 – 11.

16. Hussain H, KAP study of bed nets as personal protection against malaria in rural areas of Peshawar. (1st author), Health department, Khyber Pakhthoon Khwa 2010.

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