Mental Health Awareness Session at Women University Peshawar - November 2023

"Women University Peshawar had the honor of hosting a distinguished Mental Health Awareness Session with esteemed speakers from Khyber Medical University (KMU): Dr. Abdul Jalil Khan, Head of Family Medicine Department; Dr. Zohaib Khan, Director ORIC; and Prof. Dr. Noor, Head of Social Sciences University of Peshawar.

The session underscored the pervasive nature of mental health challenges, emphasizing the critical importance of recognizing early signs and symptoms. Participants were equipped with valuable insights into identifying mental health issues and implementing effective coping mechanisms to navigate through challenging circumstances.

The speakers emphasized the significance of seeking professional assistance when necessary, endeavoring to break down the associated stigma. Furthermore, the session explored strategies for societal and familial support systems to aid individuals grappling with mental health issues. Notably, mental health challenges lack a visible form, necessitating heightened empathy and understanding.

Recent data highlights alarming rates of depression and psychosis, underscoring the urgent need for heightened awareness and concerted action.
The session recognized heightened female susceptibility to mental health challenges due to societal pressures, cultural norms, and unique life experiences. By addressing these challenges, we can collaboratively work towards creating a more supportive environment.

Our Commitment to Mental Health: Let's collectively break the silence surrounding mental health, fostering understanding, compassion, and support"

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